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謝晨豐於8歲時在蔡立宇先生的啟蒙下開始學習小提琴。他曾參加了多項國際與新加坡本地的比賽,並榮獲了2016年布魯塞爾Grand Prize Virtuoso大賽首獎、並前往倫敦皇家阿爾伯特音樂廳演出。


2018年,他參加了(Andrea Postacchini)安德里亞·波斯塔基尼小提琴比賽並獲得三獎。 同年,他還在紐約金色古典音樂大獎國際比賽中獲得首獎和傑出青年人才特別獎。


Maximus started formal violin lessons with Mr Chua Lik Wuk at the age of 8. As a soloist, Maximus participated in international and local competitions, including the Grand Prize Virtuoso competition in 2016 where he was awarded first prize winner and performed in Royal Albert Hall, London. In 2017, he came in third in the Singapore National Violin Competition. In 2018, he participated in the Andrea Postacchini Violin Competition and was awarded third prize. In that same year, he was also awarded first prize and special prize for Exceptional Young Talent at the New York Golden Classical Music Awards International Competition. Maximus is also a member of his school String Orchestra and takes pride in serving as the Concert Master.

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